Regal Realty Group is a locally owned and operated firm based in the greater Nashville area with over 46 affiliate brokers, a that number is increasing every month. Regal was created with the main goal of helping agents create a name for themselves while ridding the cost and fees associated with traditional brokerages.

Regal provides its agents with the opportunity to make 100 percent of their commission while only having to pay a small transaction fee that stays the same no matter the sales price.  Thats it! No montly fees, yearly fees, franchise fees, split fees...the list goes on & on.  This enables agents to work at the pace they desire without having to meet yearly quotas required by traditional brokerages.

Joining Regal Realty will not only take away the stress of "big name" firms but will provide you with the money you deserve for the work you’ve completed. If interested in joining, or touring our office, please call or fill out the contact form.